Gamou Udon

Gamou is a tiny, yet very popular udon shop just outside of Sakaide city on the way to Takamatsu on the island of Shikoku. Fans of Sanuki udon seem to hold this place in high esteem since there was already a long line of people waiting to eat at 8h30 in the morning!

The Sanuki udon pilgrimage in Kagawa Prefecture can be pretty mad and the traffic near Gamou was a bit scary. The shop is located in a semi residential area with super narrow roads and very deep and large storm drains (gaijin traps).  Getting to Gamou parking was a tight squeeze and when we left, we saw a SUV that had fell into a storm drain. Gamou offers only one type of udon and when they run out of noodles they simply shut down. Various types of tempura are also offered, but the home made age tofu seem to be a favorite. The noodles are not too firm, not too soft. The dashi is very simple and you get to pour it yourself in the back of the restaurant. The dashi is only there to showcase the quality of the noodles. I ordered the large portion which is a triple portion of noodles with some age tofu.  The tofu had a nice sweetness.   The restaurant itself has about 8 seats, so most of the slurping is actually done outside. It’s my second visit to Gamou and I was not disappointed. Sanuki udon is a cheap foodie thrill.  It’s also not uncommon to visit more than one shop in one day, so it might be advisable to stick to a small portion. Like most great udon shop, Gamou is not easy to get to.  If you can find yourself a ride,try not to fall into the storm drain on your way to Gamou. Gamou   View Larger Map

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