Grand opening of Little Lights Bakery in Kurashiki

I went today to the opening of Little Lights Bakery in Kurashiki. The new shop opened on September third and it was a busy morning for them!

The baker at Little Lights who used to work his magic at Union Bread now has his own bakery to the delight of my whole family.

The shop was completely full and we had to wait almost an hour to pay.  I will go back and post some better pictures.  There is a small sitting area and you can order coffee.  The beans are from Bankoku coffee in Okayama City.

The baguette are still amazing and the bakery now has a super modern oven from France.

Campagne  or sourdough bread.

They have a bunch of other stuff, including the bacon epi, some cookies and a selection of sandwiches.  I had the cheese sandwich and I wanted to run back in and order another one.

The bakery is a short walk from Kurashiki station.  Their parking has only 3 spots, but I encourage you to park at Mitsui Outlet or Ario instead of trying to park on this narrow street.

Bread is happiness and Little Lights is the happiest place in town!

Little Lights Bakery