Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon: cult cooking gear

Disclaimer: I am not a chef in a Michelin starred restaurant. I like cooking and I love cooking gear…

A friend who recently visited Japan from New York City brought me a pair of Gray Kunz sauce spoons to my greatest geeky delight.

Regular and perforated Gray Kunz spoons

For some very odd reasons, these spoons seem to ping on the foodie zeitgeist. I read about them a few days ago in The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss.

Gray Kunz created these spoons which are sold by JB Prince in New York City. Kunz who opened Café Gray in NYC and Hong Kong wanted a bigger spoon for basting, portioning and tasting. I hope to go back to Hong Kong to try his food.

The regular model is 9 inches long  and sells for 11.90$ US

The spoon next to a regular Sori Yanagi soup spoon. The bowl of the spoon holds 2.5 spoon.

I haven’t had time to cook with these spoons yet, but I used the perforated spoon to serve soft tofu boiled in water.   The spoon performed exactly like what I expected.

Are these spoons an overkill for the amateur cook?  No doubt about it. Cooking is a way to relax and I love relaxing with nice gear.

You can read more about the spoon here:

The spoon came into a carrying pouch.

Pouch from JB Prince

The spoon can be ordered on the JB Prince website :