Grumman’78 Comptoir

Street food in a food court?  Well… only in Montréal where the ridiculous ban on selling street food has been hurting a city that needs a big kick in the ass renewal.   Grumman’78 Comptoir is a simple way to bring the stuff that could be bought from a truck to the masses.

Grumman’78 is located on the third floor food court of the Faubourg Ste-Catherine on rue Ste-Catherine near Concordia University.

The Faubourg in my four year absence has sunk further down in the abyss of failed shopping outlet. The Faubourg was once a pretty exciting place to visit, but now, it’s pretty much a sad place with the exception of the Comptoir.

I saw the Grumman’78 truck on the street during the Festival Juste Pour Rire, but the comptoir has a bigger menu than the food truck since they have easy access to a fryer.

The service at the comptoir was friendly and I ended up ordering a banh mi porc taco, a beef ancho taco, papas Grumman and a limonade.

Since I was the first customer, I promptly got my food, but you can expect a sizable line if you go anywhere after 12.

The portions aren’t too big and I could have easily eaten a third taco (the third one would have been pure gluttony)

The banh mi pork is successful fusion of mexican and vietnamese cuisine. The pickled veggies tasted just right, which means they tasted like the stuff I ate in Viet Nam.

The beef ancho was more like a typical Mexican inspired tacos.


The papas Grumman are made with sweet potatoes and they are coated with a sweet and garlicky sauce.  On top of it there is also some queso fresco and the whole mix is savory and sweet at the same time.

The raspberry limonade is served in a clear plastic bag which reminded me the 10 cent juices I would drink when I was kid with the only difference that this one was much better.   It was grainy, nice acidity, the kind of stuff you don’t expect coming out of a plastic bag.

So it’s pretty simple, head to the food court to eat the best street food in town.

Grumman’78 Comptoir, Faubourg Ste-Catherine 1616 Ste-Catherine Ouest


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