Hakuba Baisen Coffee Roaster

It was my third day surviving on 7/11 coffee when I walked into Hakuba Baisen.  I recently spent some quality time in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture and enjoying the cool air of Hakuba and Omachi, but my coffee addiction needed some quality fuel. By chance, I found Hakuba Baisen in a hiking magazine.

It felt like heaven when I walked in this wooden coffee shop which can be found a short distance from the Nagano Olympic ski jumps.

They have a very nice selection of beans.  I ordered a Moka from Yemen and my wife got the Sumatra.

I can imagine easily imagine myself coming back here to watch the snow fall on the mountains of Hakuba.

Overall, I got a good cup of coffee in a place I didn’t expect to find a decent roaster.

The pin cloth with the name of the coffee, the nice cups from Italy, the Sori Yanagi spoon and the delicious Valhrona chocolate were all little details that makes a difference.    If you travel in the area, be sure to stop for a good coffee and skip the 7/11.

Hakuba Baisen