Hayashi Cafe

My wife found Hayashi Cafe (林のカフェ) on a blog. Located in Hayashi, there are almost no chances you run into this coffee shop well hidden behind trees. Hayashi Cafe is so nice, I wonder if I should even recommend it.  I have a feeling this place will be very popular, maybe too popular.

The building is brand new and a lot of effort was put into the design.   It has two floors and we were told the second floor will be some sort of multi purpose space.

The cafe is not really big, 5 tables only.

The first thing I noticed was the pour over station which uses Hario scales and Kono drippers.

The coffee bar with the nice vintage grinder.

The espresso machine is a small Cimbali Junior.

Nice selection of cups.

We ordered a single origin coffee from Brazil which was roasted by Kanzaki Coffee in Tamano.

Slow pour using a Takehiro kettle.

The result was a nice fruity coffee. Great first impression.

We also ordered the chocolate cake.

The chocolate cake is made by a local cake genius and my wife refuses that I mention who it is.   This is a special collaboration between Hayashi Cafe and that said cake genius.  All you need to know is that cake is insanely good, it’s the crack-cocaine of cake.  Hayashi Cafe makes its own cheese cake and limited food menu which we hope to try really soon.


This first visit was just a great first impression and an invitation to go back and discover more.

I would be happy to go back to sip on an espresso  while reading their books about architecture and design.

Cafe Hayashi   林のカフェ


Sunday and Monday close
Open at 10 AM

The coffee is so new that it is not on the map yet.