Hiruzen YuuYuu Yakisoba

Hiruzen yakisoba recently won the gold chop sticks at the 2011 Himeji B-1 Gourmet contest and if you live in Japan, this means that this local specialty has suddenly become famous all over the nation and the crowd should follow soon.

I tried Hiruzen yakisoba for the first time at the Tsuyama B-1 Gourmet competition , but this time we decided to stop by Hiruzen in the Northern part of Okayama Prefecture to try it at a local shop.

YuuYuu yakisoba was well rated among the Hiruzen shops, so we barely made it in when we arrived just before 4PM. We added our name on the list and we were almost the last clients to try their yakisoba before the 4h30 closing time.

Hiruzen is a beautiful area of Okayama famous for milk production and vast pastures. There is a small amusement park, plenty of places where you can drink milk and a couple of resorts where people eat the famous Hiruzen mutton BBQ or Genghis Khan.

It is the simple yakisoba that has propelled Hiruzen in the national spot light, so what is so special about it?

YuuYuu is a tiny restaurant and their yakisoba features big chunks of chicken, onion, green pepper and soy beans.  Yakisoba is ordinarily prepared with pork, so the Hiruzen simple substitution makes it stand out of the crowd.

The chicken was soft and tasty.  Their noodles were good, but the seasoning was very light. YuuYuu yakisoba is not going for the gustative punch that other competitor are offering.

We also ordered some fried chicken which was very fatty.

If you don’t like your chicken fatty, you might want to skip this.  Despite the extra fattiness, the local raised chicken is really delicious.

We waited maybe 20 min to get in which wasn’t too bad, but I doubt I would wait an hour to get in.

I much prefer the “in your face” taste of Tsuyama horumon udon which ended up this year with a second position.

Hiruzen is a great place to visit in Northern Okayama, there is many thing to see and eat. It’s also possible to drive up to Mt Daisen from Hiruzen which is an amazing drive.

Arrive early, expect some crowd, Okayama is now on the B1 Gourmet map.



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