Hishio Shodoshima Ramen

Hishio ramen was recommended to me by a fellow English teacher and it took me a while to finally get to visit this stylish little shop a few steps away from the Takashimaya department store right in the center of Okayama City.

I’ve been there twice in the last month and I have learned that the original shop is based in Shodoshima, a beautiful island in the middle of the Japan Inland Sea.

I also learned that the shop uses local ingredients from Shodoshima, mainly a small dry fish called iriko (anchovy) and the local soy sauce to make their soup.   The taste of iriko is well present in the soup which might be the signature taste at Hishio.

On my first visit I tried the tonosho ramen which has  a very clear soup and some yuzu peel.   The soup was disarmingly simple and I could really taste the iriko.

On my second visit, I tried their Hishio ramen which has a much richer, complex and robust taste.   I ordered a second portion of noodles which came with a slice of pork.

Hishio is a beautiful ramen shop, very modern and clean design. I saw a picture of their main shop in Shodoshima and it looks  nice.

If you want to try something new, Hishio ramen is a nice addition to the Okayama ramen scene.

Hishio is definitely a place where I will become a regular.  If you been there, let me think what you think.

Hishio ramen  


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