Hocus Pocus / Little Nap Coffee Stand Donuts & Coffee

Hocus Pocus / Little Nap Coffee Stand is a minimalist  Donuts & Coffee shop that was conveniently located in front of the conference I attended in Tokyo.  It’s the first time I visited this area of Tokyo which is a short distance from National Diet and the Imperial Palace.

From the outside, I spotted donuts and an espresso machine, pretty much all I need.

Little Nap Coffee Stand has been featured in numerous publications about cool coffee shops in Tokyo. Since my time is limited, I am happy to try one of their branch.

The industrial chic decor sets the tone.

More donuts which looks precious in these glass displays.

Nice espresso machine

More industrial exposed pipe decor

The donuts and the coffee were both excellent.

The space is beautiful and the donuts really well made. If you are in Chiyoda area of Tokyo, this is worth a visit for sure.

All the donuts looked delicious, I wish I had bought some to bring home.

Hocus Pocus / Little Nap Coffee Stand Donuts & Coffee

2-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo (Nagatacho Station)