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Honky Tonk: what an awful name for a coffee shop.  Japan is the land of shops christen with the weirdest names, so if you look beyond the name, you will find an original coffee shop right in Okayama.

From the outside, Honky Tonk looks like a big house which clashes a bit with its surrounding. The wood interior is cozy with nice chairs and low tables.

The place was packed at 11 AM so I sat at the counter where I could get a good view of the whole coffee shop.  At this time, most people were eating toast or some kind of weird Japanese version of a brunch.

I ordered a simple drip coffee which is declined in 3 strengths: soft, medium and hard.  The hard blend has a strong smoky taste, almost a burned after taste. Hard yet not harsh, but I will certainly give the medium blend a try on my next visit.

The coffee is brewed with a nel drip.  The beans are pre grounded, but I am pretty sure that the turnover is high enough to keep the coffee super fresh.   The execution and the attention to details puts Honky Tonk in the coffee shop major league.  His cup warmer is simple yet brilliant.

If you really like coffee, Honky Tonk is a coffee geek heaven.

The first thing I noticed was the Probat coffee roaster which stands in the entrance of the coffee shop.

They were roasting while I was there and it’s a pleasure to see the Rolls Royce of roaster in action. I wish I had such a roaster, what a beauty!

The second thing that caught my attention was the two huge Oji coffee makers being used to cold brew. One more reason to go back since I really want to try their take on the Oji cold coffee brew.

You can also buy their coffee beans at 5o0 yen for 100 g., I haven’t bought any this time since I just arrived from a trip to Bankoku where I stocked up.

I guess I was fooled by the name, Honky Tonk is a coffee shop with a unique flair and great coffee. Okayama is truly a great place for coffee!

Honky Tonk


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  1. Hey man, thanks for yet another great review. One question which I’m guessing I already know the answer to, but is there smoking inside? Nothing ruins good coffee or food faster for me than cigarettes indoors.

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