Hung Phat Banh Mi

I never ate a banh mi in Montreal before I left for Japan in 2008 but they seem to be every where now. I decided to skip the fashionable fusion banh mi places to eat the real thing at Hung Phat on St-Denis street just off Jean-Talon street.

The sandwich menu is pretty straight forward. I ordered the B2 with ham, sausage, paté and vietnamese bacon. At 4$ CA, it’s quite a deal.  Not as cheap as in Vietnam, but still a deal.

The sandwich counter is pure banh mi heaven.

I could not find the pork floss.  But it’s still great banh mi meat.

The banh mi came in its obligatory plastic bag.

A look inside confirmed to me that I was in the right place.

The bread was pretty good and the overall banh mi experience is somehow close to what I experienced in Vietnam.  The restaurant has tables and a vast choice of drinks. They also offer soups and steam buns which I didn’t have a chance to sample since I was heading to marché Jean-Talon for food after this banh mi.

Marché Hung Phat delivered a great banh mi.  Thank you.  I will keep wishing I can find such a thing in Japan which is significantly closer to Vietnam than Montreal.

Marché Hung Phat

7099 St-Denis, Montreal