Hyotan Sushi

I really like sushi, but it seem that I don’t eat it that often since I arrived in Japan. I was really happy to threat myself with a nice sushi lunch at Hyotan during my latest visit to Fukuoka.

Hyotan is located right in the heart of Tenjin, it’s hard to find something more centrally located. We scouted the place at 3 PM when we arrived and there was a really long line snaking all the way outside from the second floor. We decided to go the next day right before opening.

Hyotan is not a super fancy sushi shop, but the staff is skilled and they offer a variety of menus for every budget.  It’s possible to get a 1000 yen lunch menu, but I opted for the 2800 yen menu which is the most expensive lunch menu they have.

We sat at the counter and our sushi was served on a large leaf.

It’s not a Michelin 3 stars, but for the price Hyotan is a really good deal.

Remember that a super busy sushi shop is what you are looking for pretty much anywhere in the world.

They started with some fatty tuna

The flounder was really nice

Sweet shrimp

Great uni 

The  abalone was so fresh that it was actually alive!  The poor thing was moving left and right, but after the first bite, my mouth was filled with pure pleasure.

I am not a big fan of salmon, but I actually enjoyed that one.

The last two sushi were eel and eggplant.  The eel was especially good and people around me seem all to be ordering it.

The meal came with a hearty miso soup

Hyotan is worth a visit, but arrive early.   My wife ordered one of the cheaper menu and it also looked delicious.  The staff was really nice and offered to modify the menu according to our taste.


(The map is not precise, the restaurant is between the Vioro shopping center and the back of Solaria on the smaller street. )

They open at 11 AM

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