Idehara Kasaoka Ramen

I once saw Idehara ramen on a TV show and I decided to visit this little shop located on route 34, right in the heart of Kasaoka city.

Idehara is a tiny shop which specialises in Kasaoka ramen.  I still have to put my finger on what is Kasaoka ramen exactly, but I was told by a local resident that Idehara was one of the more traditional shops.

The menu at Idehara is disarmingly simple; ramen and rice, that’s it!

I opted for the regular size and it was plenty since I had also ordered a bowl of rice.

The broth seem to be mostly chicken with a very thin shoyu taste. The noodles were pretty straight and freshly made.   The green onions were really good and looked like they were picked the same morning. The shashu was very unusual , I am wondering which part is it.

I quite enjoyed this bowl of ramen and drank the soup to the last drop.

There are plenty of places to try Kasaoka ramen and I am only starting my exploration.  If you know other places, please let me know.

Idehara is not too far from Kasaoka station if you are walking.


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