Indeira Ebimeshi

Ebimeshi which could be translated to “shrimp-rice” is a specialty of Okayama Prefecture and I had my first ebimeshi experience at Indeira in Okayama City.

Indeira is located in the underground passage adjacent to the Tenmaya department store in Okayama.  It’s a small restaurant which offers ebimeshi declined with numerous sides like an omelet or an hamburger steak with sauce.

I opted for the fried shrimp ebimeshi which at 750 yen was a steal.

The meal came with a corn soup and a slightly vinegary cabbage salad.

The rice which is a mysterious deep brown has pieces of shrimps and it’s topped with shredded omelet.

The two deep fried shrimps were crisp and served with a small salad.

From what I could see, each portion of ebimeshi is made to order, but I had no idea what exactly the sauce was made of.

It’s slightly spicy, a bit sweet, but I had to wait to come home and ask my mother-in-law who found out that the rice was fried in a dark caramel sauce mixed with spices.

Indeira has that old dinner feel and the lunch menu was a really good deal. I will definitely need to try ebimeshi at other restaurants to see if there is any difference in taste.

If you are in central Okayama and you feel like trying something different, ebimeshi is the way to go.


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