Ipoh Funny Mountain Soy Bean

We only spent a couple of days in Ipoh, but my wife insisted and braved the heat so she could drink some soy milk at Funny Mountain.  Considering how much she hates walking in the sun, this is just one proof and and a testament to the amazing good taste of Funny Mountain.

The busy shop is a short distance from the famous Lou Wong restaurant. It offers two items, tau fu fah and soy milk.

The tau fu fah is a kind of hot sweet tofu pudding which is served in a tiny bowl.  The tofu is very soft.

This is what it looks like in the bowl. It’s so simple, yet, we kept coming back for our daily dose.

Big line up which seem to be the norm here. They also offer a drive thru service where people line up on the street and eat in their car.

The second item on the menu is the soy milk which is available plain or with blackish grass jelly.

The soy milk is also available to go, but it’s slightly more expensive.

This is the good stuff and it’s so refreshing.  I’ve seen this drink labelled as a Michael Jackson in Penang.

If you even come close to Ipoh, just try this place.

The menu is really simple: hot tofu, plain milk and milk with grass jelly.

Funny Mountain Soy Bean

49 Jalan Theater, Ipoh, Malaysia