Ipoh Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee

Nam Heong is the most famous coffee shop in Ipoh and the original Old Town White Coffee Shop which can be found all over Malaysia.

The original sign.

The shop is located in the old town which is on the side of the river closer to Ipoh Station.

Nam Heong was packed when we got there at around 9 AM but we got a table near the back.  We ordered two cups of hot white coffee.  The coffee is only 1.60 RM.

White coffee is sweet and pretty mild, the kind of coffee you would give kids if you wanted them addicted on caffeine for the rest of their life. White coffee beans are roasted in margarine and sugar.

We also ordered kaya toast. The toast are smeared with a coconut based jam, delicious. The bread was thin and perfectly roasted.

I also ordered Lim Fong Banana leaf fried Koay Teow.  This is one nice breakfast for only 5 RM.

I think a visit of Nam Heong is a must if you set foot in Ipoh, a rite of passage.

Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee


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