Ishiharu udon

Ishiharu udon is a small shop located between Kojima and Tamano city. It’s technically on the Kojima side on a very narrow side road so small that you will miss it if you blink, but rest assured, it’s worth the u-turn.

The restaurant makes its own udon and they are very busy.  At 11 am, the whole place was full and people started lining up. For a restaurant which is pretty much located in the middle of nowhere, it’s a good sign.

We started with oden

Turned out to be good

My wife ordered the tempura udon which had a great soup and super burning hot crispy shrimp tempura.

I ordered the special Ishiharu bukkake udon

This is easily the best bukkake udon I ate in a very long time.  I almost licked the bowl clean.  The staff at Ishiharu were friendly and even tried to talk to me in English.   The old lady taking care of the noodles with a matriarcal authority could not stop smiling when I told her that the  food was delicious.

Come early if you want a seat.

Ishiharu   いしはるうどん


岡山県 倉敷市 児島唐琴 3-6-57