Jupiters Coffee Roasters in Tokyo

Exploring Tokyo on a bicycle proved to be a great way to discover places I would probably never get to see otherwise. After grabbing lunch in from of the main gate of Yasakuni shrine, I headed back toward my hotel in Akasaka and stopped at Jupiters Coffee Roasters ジュピターズ コーヒー ロースターズ.

Jupiters coffee roasters is a micro roaster and it’s located in a tiny space. On the back is the roasters, the cash register and a bookshelf full of green beans.

The roasters are tiny batch roasters resting on portable gas stoves.

You don’t need much to roast good coffee and this is the proof.

Despite being a tiny coffee shop, I found the documentation for each beans to be very well executed.  Even the menu was very descriptive.

The beans and pour over station.

Nice informative black board with the taste profile of the coffees.

I enjoyed my coffee sitting outside the shop on one of the two benches. Almost reminded me of drinking a coffee outside back home in Montreal. There are a few chairs inside if it’s raining.

The shop is a year old, but it’s a nice little quality roaster.

Jupiters Coffee Roasters

Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, 千代田区 Ichibanchō, 4−38