Kaeru Coffee Roastery

Kaeru is the word for “frog” in Japanese and it’s also the name of a great little coffee shop in Okayama City. A local English teacher recommended this coffee shop, so I jumped on my bicycle and rode all the way from Kurashiki just to try it.

The shop is located on a small street just off Kencho-Dori, not too far from the public library and the main shopping arcade.   I’ve been on that stretch of Kencho-Dori many times, once again, good stuff are almost always hiding in plain sight.

The first thing I noticed is the small roasting machine in the shop window. The roasting room occupies a small room right in the front of the shop.   It’s not that common in Japan to see a shop with it’s own roasting machine.

The coffee shop itself has a couple of tables with very comfortable chairs. There is a little shopping area in the middle and a preparation area in the back.   I found it a bit weird that the kitchen/coffee bar area didn’t face the customers, but the space is very limited.

The space is well decorated and looks very modern with the frog green walls and the black ceiling.

I ordered a cup of blend coffee which was pretty good.  Great taste, a bit weak for my taste, but the flavour was just right.   They also had an espresso machine, so I will try the espresso on my next visit.

In the shopping area, they have many single origin coffee beans: Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya.   I bought a bag of beans from Brazil which I have yet to try at home.    The coffee is very well packaged.

Kaeru is now on my list of coffee shop in Japan where I want to become a regular.

If you live in Okayama, you can easily have access to fresh coffee beans. Bankoku coffee remains a great coffee roaster in Okayama, but they only function as a shop and you can’t actually sit down and enjoy a cup of their coffee.

Give Kaeru a try and let me know what you think.

Kaeru Coffee Roastery



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