Kanasandou in Motobu, Okinawa

We decided to rent a small house in Motobu near the famous Churaumi aquarium, so we could explore a different part of Okinawa. Our small house seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, but  Kanasandou turned out to be a short walk from where we stayed.

Kanasandou is located on the second floor of a nondescript building.  It’s easy to miss the place and we actually ended up getting lost looking for it.  

We had a small child with us and they offered us a tatami room.

Since goya was not in season, we started with green papaya champuru.

It was followed with mozoku seaweed. This is a seaweed famous in Okinawa.

Mozoku tempura

Okinawa tofu champuru

Melt in your mouth pork belly

The food was surprisingly very good and I would recommend it to anybody staying in this part of Okinawa.  My sister-in-law went there a few weeks ago and told us it was probably the best meal they ate in Okinawa. My niece ordered soki soba and she said it was the best.

The service at Kanasando was extremely friendly. The owner took a picture of us wearing traditional Okinawa costume and offered us a small musical performance.

Kanasando (かなさんどー)