Kappa Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) might not be the healthiest food around, but the tonkatsu at Kappa in Kurashiki is simply to die for if you will forgive me the cliché.

Kappa is a busy restaurant located in the shopping arcade between the station and the Bikan area. If you ever walk around Kurashiki, you probably will walk in front of this old institution.

I sat at the counter and ordered the mini tonkatsu and I could watch the staff.  The lady behind the fryer was running the show and coordinating everybody so the rice and the plates would arrive in front of each customers burning hot.

The mini tonkatsu which is under 1000 yen is actually a huge pork cutlet which comes with two salads, a generous portion of rice, miso soup and a cup of tea.

The cutlet is deep fried to perfection, but the show stopper is the sauce which was somehow reminiscent of the BBQ sauce found back home in Canada  but much richer.

It’s amazing how a simple pork cutlet and sauce can bring back so many gustative memories.

I actually went back the next day with my father-in-law and I ate the fried shrimp and hamburger steak menu which was as satisfying as the pork cutlet.

Kappa is a great place to stop at if you visit the Bikan area and you want a taste of old time Kurashiki.



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