Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

When I googled up Malacca , I found that the city was famous for chicken rice ball and by  luck, one very early morning, I ended strolling aimlessly in front of Kedai Kopi Chung Wah on Jonker street.  The open door and the absence of a huge line just drew me in.

Chung Wah is in the dead center of the city right next to the Hard Rock Cafe and the river. At any time of the day, you can see a long  line in front of the  cafe. If you are like me and you wake up way too early, morning might be a good time for you. Opening time is 7h30 AM

I walked in while they were doing some mise-en-place. At this early hour, I had a chance to admire how the chicken was being carved up.

The chicken balls and the chicken were delivered to my table promptly.

Good people of Malacca, I’m a terribly sorry, but that’s it?  Really?  You line up for this?

The rice balls were interesting and the chicken tasted pretty good, yet, I didn’t get the whole lining up thing.

The ladies sitting next to me were much more excited.

The service at Chung Wah was friendly, the chicken tasted pretty good, but I doubt I would like to wait in line for it.

While I really fancy a good chicken rice, I think chicken ball is not my thing.  I did try the chicken ball at the other famous shop in town and the meal was so uninspiring that I didn’t even bother taking a picture.

If you go to Malacca, you might want to try just to scratch off chicken ball of your list of things to try,  but I found much better food in this nice little city.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah 中华茶室(海南鸡饭)

18, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka