Kedai Kopi Yong Moh in Melaka

We decided to have an early dim sum breakfast at Kedai Kopi Yong Moh located right in the heart of the tourist area on Jalan Tukang Emas street which runs parallel to the famous Jonker street.

Dim sums are so expensive in Japan, so I never miss a chance to eat some as soon as I am out of the country.

Yong Moh is ideally located.  It’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s pretty much easy to get to. Some of the food we had there was delicious and some of the dishes were just OK.

They had a wide selection, the place seem to be popular, but something was missing.

Pork and shrimp dim sums

The century egg congee was good.

My wife favorite was the rice wrapped in lotus leaf.

Selection of fried dim sums

The steam tables are right in front of the restaurant and the service was pretty quick.

The restaurant itself is old style.

Low Yong Moh was quite reasonable on price, well located, but lacking the magic I found in Ipoh or Penang.

Kedai Kopi Yong Moh

32, Jalan Tukang Emas

Open at 5h30 AM – 1 PM