Kikanbo ramen

Kikanbo ramen,   famous for fiery spicy miso ramen, was my first stop on a 2 days food blitz. I got there straight from the Tokyo station.

It’s a short walking distance from Kanda station and it is indicated on the station map. I arrived a bit early and ended up probably 10th in line.

The shop is actually two shops located almost next to each other, one of them serves tsukemen and the other one serves ramen. I opted for the ramen shop.

The vending machine has an English guide untop of it if you need help navigating it.

Once you sit down, they will ask you how spicy do you want your ramen, I asked for the spiciest version.

The result is a beautiful, yet scary bowl of ramen. The secret of Kikanbo utlimate punch is sancho pepper (sichuan pepper) which has the capacity to actually numb half your face. The numbing pepper is a powerful ingredient.

The ramen was really spicy and you soon understand why a whole jug of water and a box of tissue is in easy reach.

The pork was quite good and tender.

The noodles were on the fattier side.

Despite being way spicier than your average bowl of ramen, the flavours were well balanced.

This is the kind of place worth more than one visit, because you could easily dial in the perfect combination of soup, chili and numbing pepper.

Kikanbo is a good place to explore a wilder side of ramen.


Tokyo, Chiyoda, 鍛冶町2丁目10-10