Kim Thanh

I am pretty sure that you don’t equate Vietnam with mind blowing yogurt and dairy;  I certainly didn’t until I visited Kim Thanh in Ho Chi Minh.

Kim Thanh was just one of these great little surprise located in the shadow of the massive French and American consulate right in the heart of the city.   It can be found on the very short Le Van Huu street right behind the InterContinental Saigon hotel.

We came to Kim Thanh for two things: the flan or Vietnamese custard and the yogurt.

The flan was delicious and very simple.

But my coup de coeur goes for the yogurt served into tiny little plastic cups.


This diminutive cup of yogurt is both sweet and tangy.  It strangely reminded me of kefir, but much sweeter.    I ordered it twice and I came back two days later for a second round. These are truly addictive. Vietnamese yogurt is made with fresh condensed milk and they got the recipe right at Kim Thanh.

If you are looking for a small snack, you should stop at Kim Thanh. If you know any other great yogurt places around Vietnam, don’t hesitate to suggest them.

Kim Thanh

4 Le Van Hu, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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