Kishimoto Shokudo in Motobu, Okinawa

We parked our car at the small Motobu town market and waited in line under the pouring rain. A few minutes after we arrived, a long line formed behind us.  Kishimoto  Shokudo きしもと食堂 is probably the most famous sokisoba shop in Okinawa.

Kishimoto is located in Motobu between Nago and the Churaumi aquarium. The small town is not exactly a hub for exciting things to do, but this particular restaurant seemed to be the main center of attraction.
Is it worth the wait?

The restaurant is tiny and only has sokisoba and rice on the menu.   Sokisoba is somehow similar to udon with a generous portion of pork.

The sokisoba at Kishimoto was certainly very good. Firm noodles, great soup and melt in your mouth pork.

The rice was probably my favorite part.

I am not sure if I would wait in line again at the original Kishimoto knowing that they offer the same food at their newer shop and you don’t have to wait as long to get in. The new shop is located on route 84.

Kishimoto Shokudo