Kobe Plaisir: My First Kobe Beef Experience

It somehow took me 4 years and countless trips to Kobe to finally eat the famous Kobe beef and it was a hell of a nice  experience.

My wife found out about Kobe Plaisir a while ago and we had to wait 2 months to get a weekend table for us and my in-laws and trust me, it’s  worth the wait, you want to go there, so get on the phone.

Kobe Plaisir is located on the first floor of The B Kobe Hotel which is only a couple minutes from Sannomiya station.

If you are familiar with Kobe, it’s only a couple doors down from Tokyo Hands.

The restaurant is surprisingly modern looking with a lot of stone, wood and glasses everywhere.

When you reserve, you will have 3 options:

  • Teppanyaki beef: beef prepared on a hot plate
  • Steam beef (seiro mushi)
  • Shabu shabu: you dip your beef  in boiling dashi.

We chose to eat teppanyaki and we were taken to a room which could serve 10 customers.

Each group gets its own chef which is really nice. There is a small prep kitchen just out of the view in the back.

Kobe Plaisir is own by the JA farming Coop and they take extra pride in sourcing the best of the best.  All the ingredients are on display including a huge selection of local sake.

Since the whole idea is to eat Kobe wagyu in Kobe, well they pretty much extended the concept to all ingredients. Almost everything came from Hyogo Prefecture with the exception of the wine.

The meal started with two small dishes and a glass of umeshu.

Veggies with a tomato ketchup and some pieces of shrimp in some tasty jelly which I forgot what exactly it was…

The star of the show was then taken to our table, 400 g of super Kobe marbled beef with vegetables and garlic chips.

Under the steak, you can see some meat trimming which will be use later on in the meal.

A cold spinach soup followed

The young chef started cooking our beef right away.

He explained the origin of every single ingredients.

We ordered our steak medium and it was the most amazing pink on the griddle.

The onions were from Awaji Island.

They brought us a salad to go with the meal and it was incredible.

The salad had a really nice onion dressing and everything in the bowl was crispy and screaming freshness.  Like my wife said : “I would be happy with just this salad.”

Our respective 100 g of steak which is tiny if you compare it to the stuff I ate back in Montreal was served to us on a simple plate.

The taste was way up there with all the finest beef I had tasted in Japan so far.   Delicate, fatty, simple and addictive.   Once again, it’s not a lot, but the quality is beyond anything I normally eat.

The steak was served with a tomato sauce, a ponzu sauce, simple salt and a miso dip.

After our steak, we were offered either garlic fried rice or plain white rice.  We all opted for the fried rice and it was made in front of us and the chef threw in all the bits of trimming.

The rice was seasoned really lightly and the taste of the meat and the garlic complemented each other really well.

We also got a tiny miso soup

and some pickles

They also brought us a glass of electric green vegetable juice which was like nothing I have ever tasted before.

Once we were done, they took us to a dessert room

The dessert was a simple peach sherbet and an orange mousse.

The meal at Kobe Plaisir went beyond my expectations.  We ordered the 8400 yen course and it was worth it.   They also have a 3100 yen menu for lunch which looked really good. We are already planning visit to try the steamed beef.

The service at Kobe Plaisir was attentive and everybody is working to make this the most pleasant food experience.

The menu is also bilingual for those of you who don’t speak Japanese.

Kobe Plaisir is indeed a real pleasure.

Kobe Plaisir


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