Kouchin Chinese Restaurant

My quest for the great old Chinese restaurant continues and took me to the heart of Tamashima old shopping arcade.  Kouchin has been in business for 55 years and it’s a gem in middle of this run down arcade.

I visited the restaurant twice last week. I went for lunch by myself and took my wife Saturday night.  The lunch menu has some really good set menus.

I ordered the crispy noodles menu which cost only 950 yen.

The restaurant is packed during lunch.   But I went a couple minutes before they close their doors at  9 PM and had a chance to shoot a few pics of the original decoration.

Got to love these kitchy chairs!

But I was way more interested by the food.

My wife and I ordered the liver which was just perfect and came out of the kitchen in record time.

Nice long gyoza in a steel pan which reminded me of the stuff I ate in Taiwan.

The star of the show is the mabo tofu.  I asked for the spiciest mabo and I was brought this little pot of molten Szechuan lava.

If you are in the spicy game, be my guest and indulge in this mind altering pleasure.  I could not think straight for an whole hour while I sweated and tried to regain the use of my tongue. I will order the less spicy version on my next visit if you don’t mind.

Kouchin is a great old Chinese restaurant offering some decent food and I will be back many times to probably eat everything they offer on their menu. It’s unfortunate that the restaurant is a bit far from Shin-Kurashiki station.  If you drive, the restautant has a parking about 50 m away.