Kura Beer Tei Kurashiki

Kurashiki Beer Tei as moved to a new location.
Read about it HERE.


Kurashiki and especially the Bikan area are a major tourist magnet and I love to play tourist in my own town.   I discovered Kura Beer Tei by reading a tourist guide about Kurashiki while sipping a cafe latte at Cafe Mugi.  I think this little beer shop will make a lot of us happy.

I often drive in front of this place but I have never noticed it.   Kura Beer Tei specialises in micro brewery beer from Okayama prefecture.

The shop is small, but they have pretty much everything which is made in Okayama: Kibidote, Kurashiki beer, Doppo, Tsuyama and beer Mabi.

It’s possible to sit there and drink the beer they sell.  And they also have a selection of draught beer!

I didn’t try the draught beer since I was driving, but I bought a Mabi beer and a coffee stout from Kibidote.

I will go back really soon to drink a couple of draught beers.
It’s on the street right in front of the station and it’s a short walking distance.

Kura Beer Tei



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