Kurashiki Coffee-Kan

I have walked in front of this discreet coffee shop on numerous occasions without really noticing it.  Kurashiki Coffee-Kan is located right in the heart of the historic Bikan area of Kurashiki city in  Okayama Prefecture.  I think I might have found my little  coffee heaven only 20 min from my house.

The Bikan area is an amazing place and I always go there for a walk when I have a chance.  If you have never been there, it’s pretty much what we imagine Japan would look like before the destructive WWII bombing.    The historic area is extremely well-preserved and it’s the home of the famous Ohara museum which is worth a visit to Kurashiki by itself.

The coffee shop is located exactly where the small canal makes a bend, right across the bridge from the  tourist information center.

The old metal sign hanging in front of the shop is a bit hard the read and  the door is a bit recess into the stone building.

The interior is all wood, bricks and tiles.   The old world warmth is a welcome change to the aseptic Starbucks experience.   The amazing smell of the coffee being roasted  struck me as soon as I walked in.

The menu is pretty straight forward, hot coffee, cold coffee and that is pretty much it.  I ordered a Matari-Moka from Yemen.

The coffee was served  in a  fine white china with a silver spoon.

I am not a coffee specialist, but I was charmed by this coffee.   Strong, yet not too bitter.   I usually drink Starbucks at home and it’s a nice discovery.

The coffee here is individually hand dripped to order and the coffee is very fresh and right in front of you.

It’s a bit more expensive, but the attention to details is worth it and the complementary pieces of chocolate were divine.

There is no food on the menu, so it’s all about the coffee.

Coffee-Kan is must if you happen to visit the Bikan area.  I have a feeling I will go back soon to taste their other coffee.  I really want to try their cold coffee made with the funky Oji coffee drip contraption.

Kurashiki Coffee-Kan

4-1 Honmachi,  Kurashiki


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