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WARNING: This post has nothing to do with Japanese food. But if you like to indulge in sugary guilty pleasures, please keep reading.

It’s official!!   Krispy Kreme has opened his first donuts shop in the new Ario Kurashiki shopping center in front of Kurashiki Station.

I went there on the opening night which was on Friday November 25th 2011 and as expected there was a long line in front of the shop.

The new Kurashiki shop is the donuts factory type and I have rarely seen such a large production area.

Krispy Kreme is very popular in Japan and it’s not uncommon to see people line up for almost an hour in front of the Shinjuku shop in Tokyo.

Fresh donuts were offered for people waiting and almost everybody left with a box.

We only bought 2 donuts and a coffee.

The have a huge staff, but I guess they didn’t sell many coffees since the girl behind the counter had to looked into the operational manual to figure out how to pour a cup of coffee.  I guess they will get the hang of it soon.

The table area was pretty much empty since almost everybody bought boxes to go.

Now, I just need to stay away from the evil appeal of eating too many donuts.   I might give in if I bike there from home which is a 27 km ride.

I doubt that Krispy Kreme will do any good to the health of Japan, but it’s so damn good!

Krispy Kreme Kurashiki  ( right next to the Kurashiki station)



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