Kuri Kuri Coffee in Masuda

On a recent trip to Shimane Prefecture, we made a very brief stop at Kuri Kuri coffee 栗栗珈琲 in Masuda.

If you are not familiar with Masuda, it’s a small town located between Hagi and Hamada on the Sea of Japan. Since my son was sleeping in the car, my wife and I took turn going in and ordering coffee to go.

Kuri Kuri is a beautiful coffee shop with some really good looking cakes.   I ordered a cafe latte which for some mysterious reasons came with a shot of syrup.  I don’t know if it was a lost in translation kind of deal or what.  The coffee hiding behind the syrup seem to be quite good.

They also have a pretty nice drip station.

The selection of beans was impressive.

The have a Probat roaster in the front of the shop.

I don’t mean to offend the people of Masuda, but they have a really decent coffee shop in a place that feels a bit isolated from the rest of Japan.  I will definitely go back when I have a chance.

My wife ordered a regular drip coffee which was pretty good.  I heard that they have a counter right in front of Masuda station and a third shop in Tokyo. Their selection of beans piqued my curiosity. I will post a more detailed review the next time I have a chance to visit the shop.

Kuri Kuri 栗栗珈琲

8-6 Akebono Nishimachi Masuda Shimane

島根県 益田市 あけぼの西町 8-6