L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Ebisu, Tokyo

Do you remember Julia Roberts eating delicious pizza in the Eat Pray Love movie? In the movie, she is visiting Naples and she eats pizza from L’Antica Pizzaria da Michele until she can’t fit into her jeans. Surprisingly, you can eat the same pizza (minus Julia Roberts) near Ebisu station in Tokyo.  

The pizzaria is located on the way to Ebisu garden just a few min from Ebisu station. The restaurant is spacious and has a terrace. Neapolitan pizza is a common sight pretty much all over Japan, but the da Michele brand makes it’s a destination.

The restaurant was packed when I visited and I guess I was lucky to get a table.

I started my meal with the prosciutto assortito. I don’t eat that kind of stuff on a regular basis and it felt like heaven.

I ordered the margharita pizza. Da Michele has only margharita and marinara pizza on the menu. The pizza was both gigantic and delicious. Simplicity is something to be appreciated once in a while in the land where corn is a regular sight on pizza.

Pizza making

Great pizza oven

L’Antica Pizzaria da Michele is certainly not cheap, but it has a nice ambiance with a textbook Neapolitan pizza.  They opened a branch in Fukuoka. I’m not exactly sure that I will be a repeat customer, but it was certainly a nice meal.

L’Antica Pizzaria da Michele


4 Chome-4-7 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku