Lau De Truong Dinh HCM

Lẩu Dê Trương Định was located 10m from the door of my appartment in Ho Chi Minh and the amazing smell won me over.  This restaurant which serves goat meat was always packed .   This restaurant is a short walk from the center of Ho Chi Minh and it’s a great place to mingle with the locals.

Goat meat might not be the most common fare around, but it was totally worth the experience. The restaurant offers the goat in two versions:  BBQ and hot pot.

If you need a reminder of the house speciality.

We started with the BBQ.

The meat is from the udder of the goat or as the nice man was gesturing to us, the breast of the goat.

Since we both look really lost, the staff offered to prepare the meal for us.  The hospitality at Trinh Duong was remarkable.

We were shown how to eat this meat in a rice paper roll.

Goat udder meat: delicious!

Next came the nabe or hot pot.

The goat offals were really fresh.  I believe it was brain and liver.

Everything was super fresh.

The soup was tasty.  You can see tofu skin on top of it.

Tons of veggies and herbs.

The offals were delicious.   But this is a huge meal for only two!

This is the menu, we ordered the two most expensive items.

If you want to try something different outside the tourist area, take a walk to Truong Dinh and try the Lau De.  It’s a big meal, but you should try both versions.

If you want to grab a coffee after your meal, try the coffee on the next corner.  The coffee was good and cheap.

Lẩu Dê Trương Định

6, 6 Quận 3, 105 Trương Định, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam