Lin Heung Tea House

Lin Heung Tea House was really high on my list of places to visit in Hong Kong. If your idea of a great meal is a quiet little restaurant, well, stop reading now, but if you aren’t afraid to fight for your food, Lin Heung is the place for you!!

Lin Heung Tea House has been in business since 1889 and the current location was opened in 1980.  The restaurant is on the second floor, walk in and try to find a seat.  It took us a few minutes to locate one.  Once you are seated, they will clean the table in front of you, hand you a receipt and a pot of tea.

The etiquette at most dim sum places is to rince your chopsticks and bowl with hot tea.

If you can manage some Cantonese, you can order all kind of teas.  I settled for the regular tea.

I managed to shoot a pic in the steam kitchen.   The baskets will come out on a trolley and people will almost jump on them.  If you want some specific food at Lin Heung, be prepared to fight for it.

Delicious buns and more good stuff.  Sorry for the slightly out-of-focus pic.

The glutinous rice was really good.


We also ordered a bit of BBQ pork.

I pretty much wanted to try everything  What I tried was delicious, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this insanely busy restaurant.

You can see the people crowding around the dim sum cart in the back.

Lin Heung Tea House was a nice experience in a city where there is food almost on every street corner.

Lin Heung Tea House

160-164 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong