Link: Caffeine Heaven in the Osaka

Coffee is addictive and finding a place to drink some is  even more addictive.

I’ve drank coffee pretty much every where I ever been and my last visit to Osaka brought me to Link Handmade Roast Coffee just off the popular Shinsaibashi.

Link is hidden in the small streets near the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade.  It’s the kind of places you could walk in front of without ever noticing it.

The coffee shop is  small and cosy. The wood shelves and counter give the place a very warm and organic feel.  In the entrance of the coffee shop, these shelves are filled with big jars of coffee beans which are available for sale.

There is a couple of tables, but  I decided to sit at the counter to see the owner prepare  coffee.  As a rule, I try to sit at the counter in Japan, it’s always the best seat in the house.

At Link the coffee is hand crafted from roasting to the very delicate pouring of the water on freshly ground beans.  The owner works alone and he handed me a very simple menu. The coffee is offered in a selection of strong, medium or light taste.  I asked him to suggest me a strong coffee and he offered to brew me a coffee from Peru.

The coffee is strictly pour over type which seem to be very popular nowadays in smaller Japanese cafe.   Pour over coffee is quite common in Japan and after reading a lot about pour over techniques, this almost felt like a master class.

I’ve noticed  that pour over technique increased  popularity in America with coffee shop displaying fancy pouring stations.  Link opted for the simplicity of a couple of brewing pot topped with white porcelain drippers.

The owner of Link is very methodical and makes sure that everything is done right.  He has a series of kettles which he uses to control the  water temperature.   He lets the coffee bloom and pours very slowly to get the perfect cup of coffee.  He even tasted the coffee before serving it, it’s the first time I ever see somebody do this in a coffee shop.

His Peru coffee was not overly strong.  I am not a cupping expert, but it certainly didn’t have that slightly over roasted Starbucks taste.

Link is a simple pleasure and it’s on my list of places to go on my next visit to Osaka.

If you try it, let me know what you think and I always welcome suggestions for new places to try!

The shop is not open on Sunday.

Higashi-Shinsaibashi 1-13-19, NT Bldg 1F ( The only review I found and really good directions to Link)

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