Lou Wong in Ipoh, Malaysia

We got off the train at the beautiful Ipoh station, walked to our hotel and waltzed into Lou Wong almost right away to enjoy our first beansprout and chicken. Lou Wong is apparently the most famous restaurant in Ipoh.


Ipoh is a great little city well worth visiting. The colonial architecture is beautiful, but let’s get back to the question of chicken.

The restaurant was easily the busiest in the area and we ordered a plate of chicken, a plate of bean sprouts,  noodles and rice.

The bean sprouts were, simple, delicious and crunchy.

I  wish I had ordered a second portion.

The chicken was tender and juicy. My wife didn’t like this kind poached chicken, so I ate most of it.

In a town famous for bean sprout chicken, I must say that my first meal at Lou Wong made me happy to be in Ipoh.

I didn’t try any other chicken/bean sprout  restaurant while in Ipoh, but I actually went back to Lou Wong on the last day just before we left Ipoh and this time, we ordered two portions of bean sprout.

Lou Wong

49 Jalan Yau Tet Shin