Lucky Peach #2 review

The Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Lucky Peach which is titled  The Sweet Spot explores in many ways the fine margin between unripeness and rot, good taste and bad taste, too early or too late. I don’t know if it should be called food existentialism, but David Chang and his collaborators are raising some really interesting questions.


The first issue was mainly focused on ramen, but this second issue covers a broad spectrum of reflexions of the sweet spot including a funny article about the movie Road House written by none other than Anthony Bourdain.

I really enjoyed reading about David Chang and Peter Meehan food journey. The article about apricot made me think a lot about the expensive and delicious fruits produced in Japan.

Lucky Peach is definitely food porn and like real porn, I think a lot of the stuff is a bit out of reach, but Lucky Peach is pretty inspiring in a down to earth, no bullshit kindda of way.

I somehow got to experience a bit of this food porn extravaganza by sourcing some Pappy Van Winkles 15 and 20 years bourbon in Japan which was a true revelation. I never expected bourbon to be so good!

I will try his kimchi recipe and I am saving some money to eat at Kikunoi the next time I visit Kyoto.

If you like food, Lucky Peach is a thought provoking food journal and you should get your copy before they run out!

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