L’Usine et la Cafétéria de l’Usine

If you don’t speak French, l’Usine means factory in English and it’s a word to remember if you visit Ho Chi Minh.

I went to l’Usine for the first time 2 years ago after I spotted the sign from across the street and it took me a while to find the entrance. L’Usine is located on Dong Khoi street  in the dead center of Ho Chi Minh right across from the Caravelle hotel and the opera.

L’Usine is located on the second floor and you will have to enter this long gallery and go up some stairs to experience the weird feeling of being transplanted into a chic industrial space which looks like a trendy New York  loft.

The Cafétéria which wasn’t there 2 years ago unless I missed it looks amazing.  One long space with an open kitchen and a small terrace.

I simply love these big prints on the wall.  But beyond the great decoration, I was here for the food.

I ordered a pull pork sandwich

The sandwich is a glorified banh mi, call it a banh mi deluxe with perfectly cooked pork and great pickled veggies.

We also shared a simple roasted tomato and basil soup.

My wife ordered this  meat pie thinking she would only get a single meat pie, but we soon figured out it was two and a salad.

I ate one of these with pleasure.

The food at the Cafétéria de l’Usine is well prepared with super fresh ingredients.

If you walk out of the store, you can access the café.

This is where I came 2 years ago.

The coffee shop is really nice and they have great cup cakes which I tried on my first visit.

It’s a really good place to drink a caffe latte. I didn’t drink any on this visit because I was too busy drinking Vietnamese coffee and my nervous system has a limit on how much coffee I can ingest in a day.

L’Usine is also a vast retail space

They sell a lot of cool stuff and foreign brands.

L’Usine is a great place to take a coffee break, read some magazines or use their wifi.

If you want to go and you are on Dong Khoi, look for this entrance way, walk to the middle and turn right.

I really enjoy my second visit but somehow felt guilty I was not eating in a Vietnamese restaurant. Places like l’Usine makes me think how cool it would be to actually live in Vietnam…


151/1 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


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