Mahou Coffee in Okinawa

Mahou Coffee is colorful café  located in Ginowan, just outside of Naha City.  I am not sure how easily this coffee shop can be reached without a car, but it was well worth the drive.   From the outside, Mahou looks like a regular boxy Okinawa home.

The inside is a whole other story.   This is the first room.

The second room

The open kitchen

The Oji cold dripper

There was a few nice prints on the wall.

The third room

The fourth room

We ordered a drip coffee and a chocolate cheese cake.
The beans are from Tonbi Coffee.

The cake was delicious.

We also ordered a latte and the beans are from Potohoto.  Nice looking latte art.

Mahou coffee is a nice surprise and a great way to get away from Kokusai Dori and the throng of tourists. Just for a second, I almost felt like a local.

Mahou has a very nice collection of books and magazine, it’s the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.

Maho Coffee

Japan,Okinawa,Ginowan City,Ojana,2-1-15

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