Matsuura Soba and Udon

We got to Matsuura at 10h30, a full 30 min before opening time and we were shocked to see people already waiting. The restaurant looks like a private house lost in the parking lot of a drab factory, but yeah,  appearance is often misleading.

I have driven a couple of times between Yonago and Matsue on route 9 without ever noticing this tiny soba restaurant.

There is not much to do in Yasugi, Shimane prefecture unless you want to eat some exceptional soba and udon.

The restaurant is obviously very popular since it’s  surrounded with benches and there is a special waiting room built right in front of the restaurant itself. They told us to come in while they were prepping the kitchen.

The restaurant has very few tables, so get there early or expect to wait.  By the time we left, there was a long line of people waiting.

A delicious waft of dashi came out of the kitchen which is always a good thing when you are deciphering the menu.  The menu is split between soba and udon.

I ordered 2 portions of wariko soba which is the speciality of Shimane prefecture.  Izumo is the mecca of wariko soba so I was very curious to see how these would fare against the original. The single portion is only 220 yen.

The wariko soba are a dark brown color and they have a distinct chewiness. Wariko are served in small portions topped with katsuo bushi, green onions and grated daikon. A dash of sauce and it’s a couple bites of happiness. I personally prefer cold soba and these were as good or even better than Izumo soba.

I also ordered a bowl of curry udon which is one of my favorite.  I always order curry udon wherever I go and the curry at Matsuura was stellar!

The curry itself was thick, rich with a deep beefy taste. There was also some big chunks of beef in the curry and the noodles were spot on.

I tried my wife rice which came with her hot soba set and I had a pure moment of foodie grace. The simple bowl of gomoko gohan which could be translated to “5 kinds of something rice” left me wondering how something so simple could be so mind blowing delicious.

I still can’t put my finger on it, what kind of ingredients could produce this exquisite and unique bowl of rice?  I ended up ordering a bowl for myself, it was simple to delicious.

Matsuura was so good in so many ways.  They have taken a very simple food and brought to another level.  It’s easy to screw up something simple, but I knew I would come back even before I left the restaurant.

As I write these lines, we have already reserved an hotel in Yonago and we plan to go back to Matsuura in November which will be a perfect time to enjoy the colors of Falls and buy some crabs at the market.

If you ever drive between Yonago and Matsue, Matsuura is the place to go.



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