Mexico Tacos in Ginowan, Okinawa

During my last visit to Okinawa, I visited Mexico restaurant in Ginowan. Ginowan is located between Naha and Chatan.    Mexico is a unique restaurant which serves only one thing : handmade fresh tacos.  That’s it!

Okinawa is famous for taco rice and I never visit Okinawa without paying a visit to King Tacos in Kin town. While King Tacos has tacos on their menu, Mexico has nothing else.

The menu is dead simple: 4 tacos for 600 yen.   We ended up ordering 3 plates for the 2 of us. The tacos meat is not too spicy, my small baby son had no problems nibbling on it.

The restaurant is quite small, busy and the kitschy decoration gives the place a unique look.

The taco shells are burning hot and I could see that they were made fresh one by one.   Taco shell, taco meat, cheese, a perfect rectangle of tomato, homemade salsa… heaven!

They have Pepsi in glass bottles and you have to pick up your own drink.

Mexico tacos were very good and if you have a big appetite, I think it’s easy to wolf down two plates by yourself.

The restaurant has a small parking and is conveniently located between  Naha and Chatan.   Places like that are rare and I hope it will be around for a long time. It’s the kind of place I will visit every time I am in Okinawa. The restaurant is located near Camp Foster.