Mimatsu Tempura

Kojima seem to be a place full of good surprises lately and one of them is Mimatsu Tempura.

We went there to try their tempura lunch set which is a really good deal at 945 yen. The restaurant is located in the old center a short walk away from jeans street. Most people seem to visit Kojima for the jeans, I go mostly for food.

The restaurant has a counter and a couple of private rooms on the side.

As usual, the best seat is in the house is right in front of the chef.

If you sit in front of him, he will set the tempura right in front of you straight from the fryer.

I enjoyed watching his double frying technique which involves two types of oil.   I am not sure which oil exactly, but the result is really good.

The set comes with rice, pickles, tofu, miso soup and a generous selection of tempura which included 3 huge shrimps, squid, shiso leave and eggplant.

The tempura was just perfect and I love getting it hot from the fryer.  The shrimps were particularly good.

Mimatsu has a really nice selection of izakaya type food and some pretty interesting sashimi which I saw the chef prepare. It’s a place worth exploring, a simple family restaurant which combines good prices and quality.



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