Misokatsu Umenoki in Kurashiki

Misokatsu is one of these places that I walked by for many years without even noticing it.  It is located right in the heart of Kurashiki between the train station and the historical area of Bikan.  The restaurant is quite small and cosy.

If you can’t read Japanese, misokatsu pretty much means pork cutlets with miso sauce.  This restaurant offers more than pork cutlets on their menu, but so far I’ve only ordered their katsu since it’s so good.

The misokatsu set is only 1100  yen and you get four pieces of pork, red miso soup, rice, pickles, miso dipping sauce and a nice portion of salad. The pork is juicy and the sauce is just a perfect match. Kurashiki is not a traditional area for red miso, but if you have never tried it, a visit at Umenoki will remedy this.

Like I previously mentionned, Umenoki is a small restaurant and it gets crowded very quickly. If you are going to visit Bikan, this is a great place to stop just outside the main tourist area. If you have ever tried anything else on their menu, please let me know how it was.

Misokatsu Umenoki