Mitchan Miyabi

Mitchan okonomiyaki has always been one of my favorite in Hiroshima city and the new Miyabi branch located on the 10th floor of the Sogo department store brings this Hiroshima speciality to another level.

The Hatchobori main store remains the destination for  tourist, but I found the new Miyabi branch to be a much pleasant experience.

The shop is located on the 10th floor of the Sogo department store and it  has a ticket system which means you don’t need to stand in line anymore. The new shop seem to be popular, please expect a long wait.

Miyabi is spacious when you compare it to the cramped main shop. The experience was vastly superior and we could easily bring a baby stroller in.

When you get a number, you will need to choose between a table or the counter.  If you decide to eat at the counter, you will be able to eat straight from the hot plate.

Miyabi offers the same great okonomiyaki, but it has a more diverse menu than the original.

My wife ordered the Miyabi menu which is 2100 yen.   It all started with a small appetizer of eggplants, egg and chicken.  The whole thing was delicious and the egg was really well prepared.

The next dish was curry chicken

The menu come with a simple okonomiyaki

Miso soup and rice

And dessert

2100 yen is a hell of good deal for this copious meal.   The miso soup was so good that my baby boy could not stop eating it.

I ordered the deluxe which is my regular order and it tasted exactly the same as the one I eat at the Hatchobori shop.

The okonomiyaki is served on a small hot plate.

If you are a fan of Hiroshima style okonomiyaki and you want to have a nicer dining experience, give Miyabi a try.  Mitchan Miyabi is also quite kid friendly.

Mitchan Miyabi

10th floor Sogō Hiroshima Hon-kan, 6-27 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken

open at 11 AM