Mitchan Okonomiyaki at Hiroshima JR Station

I have been a fan of Mitchan okonomiyaki for a long time, but it’s the first time that I pay a visit to this branch located on the first floor of the Shinkansen station of Hiroshima JR Station.

If you happen to be in the station area and you don’t want to go to the Hatchobori shop, I found this branch to be a really nice option for a quick bite between two trains.

The shop offers pretty much the same menu and I ordered the special. I can’t detect any differences between branches of Mitchan.

I also ordered a small bowl of suji or stewed beef sinew with konnyaku and tofu. This side dish was pretty surprising, the meat was so soft, it almost melted in my mouth.

The Hatchobori branch offers okonomiyaki with suji, I will have to try it on my next visit.

The map on the Mitchan web site is not very accurate, so remember that the restaurant is on the street level of the Shinkansen station right next to the big souvenir shop.


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5 thoughts on “Mitchan Okonomiyaki at Hiroshima JR Station”

  1. Hello!!

    I would like to add a little comment. That restaurants and many restaurants more, you can find in the mall close to the station, in the second floor of that mall.

    In the station, as the blog says,there are only one or two restaurant, but in the mall there are a lot of tipical japanese restaurants, all full of people, and where you can see the cook man preparing the food.

    Thank this blog we have know this area 🙂

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