Miyama Ramen Kasaoka

If you have ever driven in close proximity of the Kasaoka Horseshoe Crab Museum, you probably noticed Miyama Ramen. Just stop, this place is GOOD!

The shop was recommended to me as one of the best Kasaoka ramen around, so I decided to go right away before work.  It’s pretty much a road side shack.  In the last year, I have driven in front of it pretty much twice a week and it was always been busy.

Two very genki ladies were running the shop.  The menu is simple and I ordered a large ramen and a portion of gyoza.

It’s a very simple shoyu broth with fatty shashu.

The noodles were very enjoyable,  not too yellowish with a good bite.

The gyoza were pan fried to perfection.

If like me, you are a sucker for ramen shack on the side of the road, Miyama is the right place for you.

The shop is pretty far from the station and you will probably need a car to get there.  If you are a fan of horseshoe crab, you can easily combine this into an educational and gastronomical outing in Kasaoka.  They are also open really late at night.

Miyama Ramen

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