Mods Cafe in Melaka

When I visited Melaka two years ago, I tried to visit Mods Cafe but got turned down by the staff because I walked in 5 min before they close down. This time, I got a slightly warmer reception.

I am pretty unrelentless in my coffee quest, so when I had a second, I biked to Mods Cafe. Was it a good decision to give this place a second chance?

This Volkswagen bus found a new home inside Mods cafe.  The interior design is British inspired.

The DJ set-up looks legit.  Mods Cafe also happens to be a micro roaster.

In order to play it safe, I ordered a flat white.

The flat white was not too bad.

I observed the owner prepare some drip coffee and we started chatting about coffee in general. The owner is a fan of Japanese coffee culture.

He is using a Japanese steel kettle with a Kalita Wave dripper.

After chatting for awhile, he said he want me to try his drip coffee. I repeat, he wanted me to TRY his drip coffee. I watched him use a wine decanter and listened to him explain how he used charcoal to roast his beans. There nothing I like more than geeking about coffee.

He served his coffee in two cups.  The idea was to notice the taste difference. The thin cup reminded me of the demi-tasse offered in Japan. While the flavor profile was decent, I ended up with one more lightly roasted cup of coffee. I am fascinated by how much attention to details was paid to the brewing of this underwhelming cup of coffee.

When it came to pay.  Something might have been lost in translation, but I was charged for the coffee he wanted me to TRY.  A man needs to make a living, but please don’t ask somebody to try something and charge for it.

Mods Cafe is an an OK shop and I will recommend the espresso drinks if you insist on visiting. I’m really not sure about the brewed coffee unless you fancy lightly roasted coffee.  The third wave Melaka coffee scene left me with a slightly acidic and sour taste in my mouth. I doubt my palate will ever change.

Mods Cafe is located right in the heart of the old town and is really easy to reach on foot. The Melaka coffee scene is not my thing. Once more, I would rather pay a few ringgit for a modest cup of white coffee than being overcharged.

I find the coffee gospel of the owner interesting, but I think he needs a small dose of modesty and good old Japanese “omotenashi“.

Mods Cafe

14, Jalan Tukang Emas, Melaka, Malaysia