When my sister-in-law took me and my wife to Morimori, a small family restaurant in Mizushima, I had the weird feeling that I had finally discover a great little food place hidden in plain sight.

Morimori is only a couple of kilometers from our house on one of the busiest street in Mizushima, I’ve driven and cycled past this restaurant countless time, but it never occurred to me to give this place a try.

From the outside, it looks like a fairly ordinary restaurant located in some sort of Japanese miniature strip mall. The numbers of cars parked in front should have sent my greasy spoon alarms off, but I did not notice anything.

The interior is old, but well taken cared of with a couple tables, a small counter and a couple of tables with tatami.

I ordered the “5 things” ramen set which came with fried rice and gyoza.  The bowls at Morimori are gigantic, they almost look like mini tubs.   The soup has a really nice chicken base.

There is a load of veggies in the soup which makes this quite an hearty meal. The noodles are on the thicker side, a bit like the one used for Nagasaki champon.

The fried rice was pretty good too.

My wife ordered the stir fried veggies and they had a great soy sauce taste and the portion was huge!

Morimori is certainly not fancy and would certainly not go out of my way to eat there, but if you are in the Mizushima area of Kurashiki City, this might be a good place to stop for a big meal at a very small price.


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