Morino Yoshino-Kuzu Honpo

The area around Yoshino in Nara Prefecture is famous for kuzu, a starch made from Japanese arrowroot.  Morino Yoshino-Kuzu Honpo has been making kuzu powder and sweets since 1616 and it is a must eat if you are anywhere near Nara.

The kuzu starch is used is considered one of the best for making wagashi and fine cuisine.  It’s mostly use as a natural thickening agent.

We ordered fresh kuzu which is made to order.

The kuzu is served with kinako.  It has an amazing texture.

We also ordered fresh warabi mochi.

Warabi mochi is one of my favorite and the one served at Morino is incredible.

Everything is made to order in the back of the shop.

The shop is also a kuzu factory.

Morino Yoshino-Kuzu Honpo

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